Tournament Rules
  • Play consists of 14 hands for sessions 1, 2 and 3 and 11 for sessions 4 and 5.
  • Blank tiles to be used only in goulash hands (i.e. following a dead hand).
  • If you wish to claim a discarded tile you must do so before the next player puts their picked up tile onto their rack.
  • If a false Mah Jong is called play may continue as long as the other players have not exposed their hands. If they have all done so then the hand is declared a dead hand and a goulash hand is played
  • Fishing must be declared.
  • No counters will be used. Instead scoring is as follows:
  • Half limit hand scores 20 points.
    Limit hand scores 30 points.
    Double limit hand scores 50 points.
    Fishing but not Mah Jong scores 5 points for half/limit hands and 10 points for double limit hand.
    Bouquet scores 5 points plus a gift.
  • Flower tiles are to be exposed
  • Players may rob the kong of another player to go Mah Jong if an exposed pung becomes a kong after fishing has been declared (prior to the kong being available).
  • Tiles are to be discarded face up without being called.
  • You may chow only from the person discarding on your left unless it is to go Mah Jong in which case you may chow from any discard.
  • No chows are allowed in a goulash hand with two exceptions: Imperial Jade and Buried Treasure.
  • A player claiming a tile for a pung or a kong takes precedence over someone claiming a tile for a chow.
  • If you have too few tiles you cannot correct this error and you may not go Mah Jong.
  • Play in each hand continues until one player goes Mah Jong or all the tiles are used up.
  • East wind remains the same if that player wins the hand or it is a dead hand. This rules applies for a maximum of three hands after which east moves onto the next player. East always moves on after a goulash hand even if that player goes Mah Jong.
  • Calling of tiles quietly is permitted if players are experiencing difficulty seeing the tiles.
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